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Bill's Books


Bill's Books:


A'holes That I've Known

Aholes That I've Know

A look at some of the A'holes I have meet in my life. Life is not always a bed of roses and you have to deal with some not so nice people. Still life is great and you move through life and it's ups and downs. Being confident, articulate and assertive is the way to go, no door mouse for me. LOL



The Ultimate Desktop Publishing Book

The Ultimate Desktop Publishing Book

The Ultimate Desktop Publishing Book. Desktop Publishing (DTP) using Free Open Source Software. A Brilliant Book giving You All the Tools, Skills and Examples You Need to Create That Masterpiece within You. Creating and publishing magazines, ezines, books, ebooks, posters, flyers, calendar, menu, award certificates, or business cards could Never Be Easier. Software used includes Open Office, Scribus, Gimp, Inkscape, Calibre

The Simple On The Road Cook Book

The Simple On The Road Cookbook

The Simple On The Road Cook Book. A Useful Easy, Simple and Budget Conscious Guide for Bachelors and other Food Preparation and Cooking Challenged People. Especially if Living in a Confined Space or On The Road.

Howto for Windows and Internet Virgins

Howto for Windows and Internet Virgins(book)

Print: $14.00

Download: $7.00

A Howto for Windows and Internet Virgins.using the Windows Operating System. A Beginners Guide to using Windows

Te Ao Wiremu, Bill's World

Te Ao Wiremu, Bill's World(book)

Print: $12.00

Download: $6.00

Te Ao Wiremu, Bill's World, Honorary Black, Thirty years on the East Coast. Bill Rosoman spent 29 years living and working on the East Coast of the North Island of New Zealand above Gisborne. This is his yarn about his life there and the funny and not so funny things that happened.

Get a Life (The Dummies Guide To Life)

Get a Life (The Dummies Guide To Life) (book)

Print: $10.00

Download: $5.00

The book “Get a Life (The Dummies Guide To Life)”, grew out of my brushes with life and my life long study of and fascination with human nature. I also had a bout of cancer in 2006. I find it interesting how people react to big events like finding out you have cancer. Personally I believe you have to take the good with the bad and get on with it. So I decided to write my thoughts down on my laptop and see what comes up! LOL The opinions expressed are mostly my own with help from quotations etc.